Offering a wide variety of liability limits and deductible options, Hays provides you with complete flexibility in creating a plan that best suits your budget. While competitive insurance carriers may, from time-to-time, offer less expensive premiums, the professional liability insurance program for chemical consultants provides you with:

Insurance Specifically for Chemical Consultants

The Professional Liability Insurance Plan for chemical consultants was established specifically for ACS members and protects you against claims alleging errors, omissions and/or negligence arising from your professional consulting services.

Competitive Group Pricing

Minimum premiums starting at $760* for $250,000 limit

Minimum premiums starting at $997* for $500,000 limit

Minimum premiums starting at $1,496* for $1,000,000 limit

Choice of Liability Program Limit

$250,000 per claim / $250,000 annual aggregate

$500,000 per claim / $500,000 annual aggregate

$1,000,000 per claim / $1,000,000 annual aggregate

(excess limits available on a per case basis.)

Deductible Options



(Higher options are available for qualified clients upon request and pending underwriters approval.)

Part-time Option

$100,000 limit

Annual premium starting around $350*

$2,500 deductible

Dedicated Claims Attorney

This program has dedicated claims attorneys from the firm Kissel, Hirsch, Wilmer LLP. They have specific experience handling claims related to chemical consultants.

Claims-Made Policy Form

Covers claims first made and reported during the policy period.

Backed by a Financially Strong Insurer

The program is underwritten by Lloyd's of London, who currently enjoys an "A" (strong) rating from Standard & Poor's.

Premium Financing

Competitive finance rates are available for qualified clients upon request. Typically, a 9 month finance plan is available with automatic monthly deductions.

Privacy Breach Response Services

Breach resolution and mitigation services from damages resulting from the theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable information and sensitive data.

Please Note: This is only a partial description of the policy. Refer to the policy for complete details, including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations and exclusions. If any conflict exists between these highlights and the policy, the policy will govern. For complete provisions, including exclusions, please refer to the policy itself.

*Reference made to any premiums above do not include policy fee or state tax.